Essdale Toppers Order information, “Wedding”

This is a guide to getting your ideas together and the sort

 of things I will need to make you a model


Look around the site at examples of poses

 and decide what sort of topper you would like, jot down ideas,


 Is it bride and groom

Or are there bridesmaids

Or dogs and cats (or other animals)

Or Other ideas


Fill in Enquiry form and get a quote,

(This will also check my diary schedule)


 secure your order with a deposit

(50% of quote), - remainder is due once your topper is complete.

Your topper order is then placed in my

Workshop dairy. I usually like to make them about 6 weeks before your  special Occasion


Start to gather up all the details I need

to make your topper. This can be photos,

Reference Clips of things, colours of things, anything you think may be useful, email or post them to me

Six (weeks to go)

I start modelling your design.

Once made I will send you a photo for your approval.


Once approved and balance paid,  then

Your specially designed Cake Topper will be

On its way to you by special-delivery post (obviously) for you to enjoy on your big day.

If you would like help with ideas or just not sure whether I can make a certain something,

please don’t hesitate to call me.

 Sandra on

 tel 07837 410620