Essdale Toppers Frequently asked questions

What are they made of.?

They are made of polymer clay. When heated in an oven it turns into a hard plastic clay, and will last for years

How big are they,?

They are no more than 15cm./ 6ins tall

although this alters depending on adult or child

How long do they take when ordered

This depends on my orders; sometimes I can fit people in straight away, but I normally ask for at least 6 weeks notice.
 Most people book them in well in advance to save disappointment. Remember, it’s just me making them but, that said, it’s always worth asking if I have a slot available.

How do you make a model

  there are lots of different stages.

1. Plan out the making of the model, the extras required and the pose needed, and decide in what order to make things

2. Make the inner body in the desired pose. Wire is often used inside. Then it is hardened.

3. Make the head and face; attach to the body, then harden.

4. Make the clothes, then attach the arms. This has to be done last especially when its a couple so the right pose is achieved, then hardened.

5. Sculpt the hair and any extra things like a wedding bouquet, tiara, fishing rod, dog etc. It can be anything, even a motor bike, however bikes and things that effect the model’s pose have to been made first; this is decided at the planning stage.

Paint the faces, dress, buttons, rings
kilt; again it can be all sorts of things

7. Last but not least, make a base and attach, check everything is just right and
there you go - a model just for you.