Essdale Toppers

Hello my name is Sandra Dale

 and I make all the  model figures here at Essdale.

I’ve been making models of people for about

15 years now and I’m self taught.

I have made hundreds of figures over the years

for every occasion from Weddings /Birthdays /Anniversaries

Retirements, to Leaving presents or just Well Done’s.

I’ve done golfers, gnomes, firemen, jockeys, racing drivers,

fishermen and many many more,

but one thing I can say about all of them is

every single one is special.


I now specialize in making
Cake toppers &
Special gifts
for all occasions. They are made from  polymer clay,
usually sculpey or fimo. This is a non edible clay,
however it does have the advantage when made
into a cake topper of been able to
 making a lovely keepsakes after it has been on your cake.

They are up to 14 cm high, just right for a special present

or cake topper
and are made to your specifications.
Please note they are not “look-alikes”
but they are made with you in mind, like the policeman.  

As you can see he is a fun figure the uniform and pose
are made similar to the photos and other detail supplied including hair, eye colour, and helmet badge. This is the same for every model I make, so look around my site
and have a think about what you would like.
The possibilities are endless

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